Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Salesforce.com is the enterprise cloud computing leader. Their social and mobile cloud technologies, including our flagship sales and CRM applications, help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud share the same point which is collaborating with customer. However, they are different in some ways. The Sales Cloud puts everything you need at your fingertips, from social accounts and contacts to mobile, chatter, and analytics, collaboration across your global organization and getting deals done faster is not only possible, it's easy. But in Service Cloud, you can make your call center social and empower your customers with communities. Deliver service to your customers on the social media channels where they live. Give your agents tools for collaboration. Improve your contact center metrics. And deliver outstanding customer service to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Furthermore, regarding Marketing Cloud, you can listen at social scale. Tap into real-time conversations from more than 400 million social sources. Use social insights to make better business decisions in marketing, sales and service. Identify advocates and keep a finger on the pulse of your brand.



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Market Position of Blackberry

1.      Although Blackberry made by RIM Corporation is still used by millions of people in the United States, its usage in nothing compared to other smart-phone that are growing so quickly. Blackberry is now going downward while Apple's share of mobile traffic is going upward. The reason for this is that iPhone5 have some features that blackberry don't have them. So, people don’t want blackberry. Instead, they want to have Apple product since Apple keeps innovation and advancement in their product and they fulfill what people ask for.   

2.      RIMs position in terms of the Porter Model:

Threat of entry: the threat of new entrants into the mobile industry is high. For instance, Apple's entrant into the market is a threat for RIM.

Supplier power: the bargaining power of suppliers is low because processors of the same architecture used by RIM are produced by many companies such as Intel, Freescale and Texas Instruments.

Buyer power: the bargaining power of buyers is rising up since there is an increased choice of new smart-phones in the market.  

Threat of substitutes: RIM has threat of substitutes since technologies have advanced very quickly.

Competitive rivalry within an industry: rivalry within this industry seems to be high and this is dangerous because it results in decreased average profitability for the firm.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Social Networks in Businesses

This article, Social Networks Go To Work, talks about the widespread use of social networks such as Twitter, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, and Linkedln in today's businesses. On these social networks, businesses share their activities including audio, vedio, and photos. In addition to that, these social networks provide securities and they are far from attackers such as malware.
Coca Cola is one of those businesses that use social networks. Coca Cola has a facebook social networks as well as a blog called "Coca Cola Conversations." In the blog, Coca Cola teams are looking forward to have dialogues with their fans on an extensive range of topics.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Discuss the potential benefits of WiFi in a hospital environment?

1.       It can be used for three classic health service applications Vocera active badges, active RFID, and Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA).
2.       It can be used in some other areas such as radiology, pathology and maternity.
3.       It can be used in the process of bringing new building into use.
4.       It can be used for securing material management system.
5.        The integration of location-technology within the network allows staff to locate people and assets in real time.
6.       It is useful for emergency alert button for both staff and patients.
7.       It helps IT managers to move away from having to have doctors return back to ward-based stations to input information.
8.       Staff can access information and applications from anywhere within a ward.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I agree with the articles thesis. Statistics is important in almost every field, particularly in business. Before doing a business, I would rather to do experiments, collect and analyze data because the chance of failing would be narrow. For example, if someone wants to open a factory, he should collect some data. He needs to find out if the place where he establishes the factory in is supportive or not. Let’s say he is going to open alcoholic factory, in that case the owner should open that factory in a place where a large amount of people drink alcohol so that he can make a good profit out of his business. So in my opinion collecting data and analyzing them is the best way to succeed in doing business.   

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Digital Storytelling

• The main point of the story is that the friendship is never going to lose and it will pass forever even the friends will be far from each other hundred years.
• Will Mikki kill herself so as to be with her best- friend Lea.
• The serious issue is when Mikki’s best friend came back to save her, and also she gave Mikki some advice in order to help Mikki to maintain her life.
• MIkki and Lea are two friends who loves each other so much. So when Lea died, Mikki felt like she is very lonely. She was ready to do everything so as to be will her best-friend Lea; Therefore, she decided to kill herself to be with Lea. But Lea came to her in the last minute and she saved Mikki’s life.
• The sound effects are very realistic; it attracts your attention and makes you concentrate completely on the story.
• This story talks about the friendship and show the power of the love that is between friends.
• The story has started with a joy and happiness and then the tragedy issue came, which is dying Mikki’s friend. Finally, Mikki decides to face everything and start her new life with happiness again.


Sunday, January 16, 2011


Telemedicine is a development in clinical medicine where medical information and treatment is transferred through using satellites and televisions while the patients and the doctors are far from each other. Iraq can approach to this medical technology but it might not be as easy as we expect because it requires many special and electronic devices which may costs a lot. It also needs a special hospital that only belongs to this clinical development.

Telemedicine has some advantages. First, the patients keep their independence and get to stay at home; they do not need to take along distance to get to the hospital. What they do is staying at home, and they sit in front of the device. Thus, the doctors will see the patients and can treat them. The second one is that it costs less to treat them; the patients do not need to pay for taking the long distances.

Although telemedicine has some benefits, it also has some disadvantages. One of them is that the system might not be as perfect as it must be. Thus, there will be some technological problems, and there might occur some misunderstanding between the doctors and the patients. Plus, some disease might need the doctors to do physical exam. For instance, there are many illnesses that the doctors need to touch, and then they will know what is going on.