Saturday, February 5, 2011

Digital Storytelling

• The main point of the story is that the friendship is never going to lose and it will pass forever even the friends will be far from each other hundred years.
• Will Mikki kill herself so as to be with her best- friend Lea.
• The serious issue is when Mikki’s best friend came back to save her, and also she gave Mikki some advice in order to help Mikki to maintain her life.
• MIkki and Lea are two friends who loves each other so much. So when Lea died, Mikki felt like she is very lonely. She was ready to do everything so as to be will her best-friend Lea; Therefore, she decided to kill herself to be with Lea. But Lea came to her in the last minute and she saved Mikki’s life.
• The sound effects are very realistic; it attracts your attention and makes you concentrate completely on the story.
• This story talks about the friendship and show the power of the love that is between friends.
• The story has started with a joy and happiness and then the tragedy issue came, which is dying Mikki’s friend. Finally, Mikki decides to face everything and start her new life with happiness again.

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